NCIC was founded in 2002 as a General Trading Company by Dr. Goharshad Bani and Mr. Amir Souri.
Dr. Bani is a graduate of University of Southern California, USA School of Pharmacy. She is a licensed
pharmacist in USA and IRAN with 20 years experience in Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.
Mr. Souri received his Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Tehran University
and has worked in Chemical industry for 18 years. Upon founding, NCIC entered in a long term joint
marketing agreement with Iran Sodium Sulphide Company (ISSC) to export its products. ISSC is the
largest manufacturer of sodium sulphide and hydrosulphide in Iran. In 2008 NCIC expanded its
operations with construction of a Refinery plant to produce Refined Glycerin for domestic market.
Today NCIC is a well established manufacturing and trading company with world class network of
global partners and largest producer of refined glycerin, sodium sulphide and sodium hydrosulphide in

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Dominate market by providing high quality, cost effective products and services 
Create world class network of global partners
  Leading independent producer and trader of high quality chemical products in Iran
     Full knowledge of Iranian market and export regulations
      Well established sales and distribution network
       Commitment to quality and investment in R&D
       Strong financials